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You have some talented people and everyone I spoke to seems incredibly happy at RCL Consultancy and optimistic about the future. As I tour the country, I can promise you that I rarely see this in other businesses.

R B, business partner

Working with other professionals

RCL Consultancy develops working relationship with other professional organisations such as accountants, solicitors and discretionary fund managers. We work closely with them when providing solutions to clients’ financial planning and investment requirements and can provide access to other services of the Mazars Group.

Where appropriate, we will work with external third parties to provide services, who will charge separately for the work that they do. This is because there will be instances where clients require services which RCL Consultancy and the Mazars Group are neither qualified nor authorised to provide directly; a common example being legal documentation, such as Wills or Trusts, which must be undertaken by a solicitor.

Please visit the Client Stories page for client case studies, or find out what our clients have said about us. If you would like to know more about how we work with other professionals, please contact us, email us or send your questions via our enquiry box on the right hand side.


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