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They are very pro-active and keep me well informed on any developments affecting my pension. RCL Consultancy is not a faceless organisation! Anyone looking for pension and financial advice need look no further.B Dedman

Our Advisory Approach

In working with our clients we aim to operate in the spirit of the Personal Finance Society’s Code of Ethics. All clients experience an in-depth advisory process. This process is followed even where the recommended action is to retain the existing position.

An initial discussion with no obligation

One of our Consultants will be happy to hold an initial meeting or discussion, with no obligation on either party, to explore whether our services might be appropriate to your financial circumstances, objectives and requirements. If you would like to book an initial discussion with us, you can contact us or email us or send your request through the right hand enquiry box.

Formal Appointment

A Consultant can start acting for you once they have been formally appointed, and we have received acknowledgement that you have read and accepted our Terms of Business, which sets out how we will conduct our relationship, the scope of our services, our regulatory status, our obligations and commitment, and any limitations that apply. If you require a copy of the RCL Consultancy’s Terms of Business please contact us or email us or send your request through the right hand enquiry box.


Once appointed, we undertake a thorough review of your current circumstances, attitudes, objectives and current and future requirements and provide a report with clear recommendations, in priority order, of actions to be undertaken, together with details of an ongoing and active review process. We will search from the whole market place and recommend those that are the most appropriate to meet identified and agreed objectives and requirements.

Advice and recommendations

Our advice will be presented in a formal suitability report, which will contain any necessary instructions as to how to proceed. We will advise only on those areas that you have asked us to, acting as your agent in advising you and arranging investments.

The independent advice, given by our advisers is unbiased and unrestricted, and based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market, or markets appropriate to each client’s individual circumstances.

Please visit the Client Stories page for client case studies, or find out what our clients have said about us. If you have any specific questions about the information provided on this page please contact us or email us or send your questions via the enquiry box on the right hand side.


Ask a question.

You can send your questions to us here. This facility is NOT secure, please do not give investment instructions, or send confidential messages.

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