Independent Advisory Services

Our independence allows us to be flexible when responding to our clients’ varying needs, as our advisers are not limited to taking a prescribed advisory approach, or restricted in the solutions they can offer.

Why use an independent financial adviser?

Advisers that provide ‘independent’ advice will consider all types of retail investment products which could meet your needs and objectives. Advisers who are ‘restricted’ can only recommend certain products or product providers.

RCL Consultancy commits itself to whole of market research in order to complete a comprehensive review of all options before recommending products and solutions to clients to meet their needs.

Why use RCL Consultancy?

RCL Consultancy is part of the Mazars Group, this connection provides us a robust financial platform and established corporate structure from which to grow.

We are independent and will review products from a wide range of different companies (whole of market) before advising clients of the best solution to suit their personal needs, including in complex circumstances.

The independent advice, given by our regulated advisers is conflict-free, unbiased and unrestricted, and based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market, or markets appropriate to your circumstances.

Our charges and services

RCL Consultancy provides a wide range of independent financial advice, such as pensions and retirement planning, personal financial planning, investment advisory and corporate financial planning.

One of our Consultants will be happy to hold an initial meeting or discussion, with no obligation on either party, to explore whether our services might be appropriate to your financial circumstances, objectives and requirements. For more details please visit the How We Charge, and Our Process pages.

Please visit the Client Stories page for client case studies, or find out what our clients have said about us. If you have any specific questions about the information provided on this page please contact us, [email title=”Email RCL Consultancy”]email us[/email] or send your questions via the enquiry box on the right hand side.

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