Paying for our services

As independent financial advisers, we can be remunerated by direct payment of an agreed fee, or by the payment of agreed remuneration by deduction from certain investment products, or a combination of both.

We believe our fees are competitive for the quality of the service we provide and our fee menus are as comprehensive as possible, with most events listed and the charges quantified.

Clients are charged a fixed fee for each specific piece of work. Where this is not possible, we will agree an alternative remuneration basis in advance.

The fees charged will be tailored to suit the strategy recommended and will reflect its complexity and the services we provide.

Details of the fees and services we offer are contained in the RCL Consultancy’s Terms of Business, which is available upon request from [email address=”” title=”Email RCL Consultancy”][/email], or you can contact us or send your request via our enquiry box on the right hand side.

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