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I have used RCL Consultancy for many years for financial planning advice and have found their service to be of the highest calibre.T F, Kent

Personal Financial Planning Services

Personal financial planning work is, by definition, subjective and peculiar to each client’s circumstances, requirements and objectives. Planning of this type is not one-off in nature, as needs and requirements will evolve and change over time.

We provide a detailed Personal Financial Planning Report, identifying specific needs and objectives, including:

  • insurance protection
  • tax planning; savings and investments
  • estate planning
  • inheritance tax mitigation
  • private health insurance
  • private long-term care
  • equity release

Prior to making any recommendations we will have undertaken a thorough review of your circumstances, attitudes, objectives and requirements.

We will review all existing arrangements and consider your current and future role within the context of your future requirements and objectives. A vitally important part of this process is gaining a thorough understanding of your attitude to relevant risks, including investment risk.

Having undertaken a thorough review of your current circumstances and future requirements, our report will make recommendations, in priority order, of actions to be undertaken, together with an ongoing and active review process.

Please visit the Client Stories page for client case studies, or find out what our clients have said about us. If you have any specific questions about personal financial planning please contact us, email us or send your questions via the enquiry box on the right hand side.


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