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They are very pro-active and keep me well informed on any developments affecting my pension. RCL Consultancy is not a faceless organisation! Anyone looking for pension and financial advice need look no further.B Dedman

Pension and Retirement Planning Services

Our advisers are all experts in the provision of pension and retirement planning.

Taking a strategic view, we will review all existing arrangements and consider their current and future role within the context of your future requirements and objectives. A vitally important part of this process is gaining a thorough understanding of your attitude to relevant risks, including investment risk.

The strategy we recommend will be designed to achieve your requirements and objectives for retirement, and will take into account factors including prevailing legislation and HMRC practice, the impact of taxation, investment return expectations and health and life expectancy assumptions. Consideration is given to the type of arrangement, the provider, the options available, underlying investments and the level of fees and charges.

We may make recommendations in respect of transferring existing pension rights to a more suitable pension arrangement, or provider in order to meet agreed objectives. Our services include overseeing the establishment of the arrangement and ongoing advisory services.

At retirement, the recommended strategy might involve short-term implementation, such as temporary or lifetime annuity purchase, through to a potentially open-ended drawdown type strategy that may last many years to achieve your requirements and objectives.

All costs, risks and drawbacks will be identified and the recommendation will be the most appropriate, from the whole market place, to meet the identified and agreed objectives and requirements.

Please visit the Client Stories page for client case studies on how we can help you, or find out what our clients have said about us. If you have any specific questions regarding pension and retirement planning please contact us, email us or send your questions via the enquiry box on the right hand side.


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