Our Investment Policy

  1. In accordance with both regulatory requirements and professional standards, RCL Consultancy acts as agent of the investor client when formulating, implementing and monitoring portfolio recommendations.
  2. In accordance with whole of market best practice, we will maintain a panel of pre-approved investments (within our advisory permissions). Where appropriate and necessary on the basis of best suitability for the investing client, products and services outside of this panel listing may be recommended.
  3. Both at outset and reviewed periodically as agreed, we will endeavour to ensure that the investment portfolio solutions are established and maintained entirely in accordance with the investing client’s attitudes and tolerance to investment risk, taking into account not only appetite for investment risk, but also the need for such risk to be assumed, tolerance to and impact of any losses suffered, and the investment horizon. Where a client has any distinct attitudes or preferences to investment these will also be taken into account.
  4. In accordance with Modern Portfolio Theory, we believe portfolio diversification across a number of wholly or partially uncorrelated asset classes to be central to the potential to mitigate investment risk whilst optimising investment return opportunities.
  5. RCL Consultancy does not hold client money.
  6. As far as is possible, we believe it is important that clients understand the roles played by the components within their portfolios.
  7. RCL Consultancy maintains no overarching views on the relative merits of actively managed funds compared to passive or tracker instruments, and will recommend use of either as is considered most appropriate for each client.

Please visit our investment advisory services page for more details. If you have any specific questions regarding the information provided on this page please contact us, [email title=”Email RCL Consultancy”]email us[/email] or send your questions via the enquiry box on the right hand side.

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