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Investment Advisory Services

RCL Consultancy offers two levels of investment advisory services.

I. Diversified Investment Service

Under the ‘Diversified’ service, we will advise on both the initial and ongoing strategic financial planning aspects, whilst the day-to-day asset management of the portfolio is delegated to one or more specialist private client portfolio managers. These portfolio managers operate on a discretionary mandate and will change both asset allocation and underlying funds/stock holdings as they see fit, without prior investor consultation or consent. We will monitor and review the performance of any chosen discretionary fund manager, in the context of agreed objectives and risk tolerance profile, and against agreed benchmarks and peer group averages.

II. Bespoke Investment Service

Under the ‘Bespoke’ service, in addition to providing both the initial and ongoing strategic financial planning, we will also provide advice on both asset allocation and fund selection. Under this service we will review the portfolio regularly and recommend changes as appropriate; no changes to asset allocation or funds will be implemented by us without prior written consent from our client.

If your investment requirements are not fully compatible with either service type, we can agree the specific services we will provide at an appropriate fee scale.

If we recommend an investment, or investment strategy, that carries a particular risk, then this risk will be highlighted before it is executed. If the services of a Discretionary Fund Manager have been engaged, then they will make clear any risks associated with the proposed investment strategy.

Please visit Our Investment Policy for more details .

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