Consultancy Administration

Consultancy Support Team

The Consultancy Support Team is central to ensuring a smooth communication flow between ourselves, our clients and product and service providers. The Team provides day-to-day support to our independent financial advisers, gathering quotations, illustrations, application and review packs and business submissions. The team is led by Camille Murphy.

Consultancy Servicing Team

The Consultancy Servicing Team administers all consultancy recommendations from submission to completion and provides a complete service from valuations and documentation production to communications with our clients. Team members are responsible for the day-to-day administration of all plans and policies and keep our independent financial advisers abreast of all the information and updates they require. The Team is also responsible for the maintenance of information on our data management systems and ensures that accurate and timely information is available when required. Support and Servicing teams are managed by Marta Pine.

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